Don Airey K.2 (1988) Claviers
Black Sabbath Never Say Die! (1978) Claviers
Graham Bonnet Here Comes the Night (1994) Claviers
Colosseum II Strange New Flesh (1976) Claviers
Colosseum II Electric Savage (1977) Claviers
Colosseum II Wardance (1977) Claviers
Fastway On Target (1988) Claviers
Fastway Bad Bad Girls (1990) Claviers
Bernie Marsden And About Time, Too! (1979) Claviers
Brian May Back to the Light (1993) Claviers
Gary Moore Back on the Streets (1979) Claviers
Gary Moore Corridors of Power (1982) Claviers
Gary Moore Rockin' Every Night (1983) Claviers
Gary Moore Dirty Fingers (1984) Claviers
Gary Moore Run for Cover (1985) Claviers
Gary Moore After the War (1989) Claviers
Gary Moore Still Got the Blues (1990) Claviers
Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz (1981) Claviers
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the Moon (1983) Claviers
Cozy Powell Over the Top (1979) Claviers
Rainbow Down to Earth (1979) Claviers
Rainbow Difficult to Cure (1981) Claviers
Rainbow Straight Between the Eyes (1982) Claviers

Uli Jon Roth Transcendental sky Guitar (2000) Claviers
Michael Schenker Group Michael Schenker Group (1980) Claviers
Glenn Tipton Baptizm of Fire (1997) Claviers

U.F.O  High Stakes (1992) Claviers
Whitesnake Whitesnake (1987) Claviers
Whitesnake Slip of the Tongue (1989) Claviers

Deep Purple Bananas(2003) Claviers