Ian Gillan

1945 Angleterre

Black Sabbath Born Again (1983) Chant
Deep Purple & The Royal... Concerto for Group and Orchestra (1969) Harmonica
Deep Purple Deep Purple in Rock (1970) Harmonica
Deep Purple Fireball (1971)
Deep Purple Machine Head (1972)
Deep Purple Made in Japan (1973) Chant
Deep Purple Who Do We Think We Are (1973) Chant
Deep Purple Perfect Strangers (1984)
Deep Purple House of Blue Light (1987) Harmonica, Conga, Chant
Deep Purple Nobody's Perfect (1988) Chant
Deep Purple Knocking at Your Back Door (1992)
Deep Purple Battle Rages On (1992) Chant
Deep Purple Come Hell or High Water (1994)
Deep Purple Purpendicular (1996)
Deep Purple Abandon (1998) Chant
Episode Six Here There and Everywhere Chant
Ian Gillan & Roger Glover Accidentally on Purpose (1988)


1.1976 Child in Time 
2.1977 Clear Air Turbulence 
3.1977 Scarabus 
4.1978 Live at Budokan
5.1979 Gillan The Japan Album 
6.1979 Mr. Universe 
7.1980 Glory Road 
8.1981 Future Shock
9.1981 Double Trouble 
10.1982 Magic 
11.1983 Live at Reading 
12.1990 Naked Thunder
13.1991 Toolbox
14.1992 Cherkazoo & Other Stories
15.1997 Dreamcatcher
16.1997 Rockfield Mixes 
17.1998 Live at the Rainbow 
18.Live At The BBC 79.80

CHANT: Ian Gillan Sur tous les albums.

GUITARE: Ray Fenwick Bernie Tormé Janick Gers 9.10.
Steve Morris 12.13.15.

BASSE: John Gustafson John McKoy Brett Bloomfield 13.

BATTERIE: Mark Nauseef Mike Underwood

 Simon Phillips 12. Leonard Haze 13.

CLAVIERS: Mike Moran 1. Colin Towns Tommy Eyre 12.
J.Peter Robinson 12.